Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Knee Wraps

I'm still at it. Wrapping BlackJack's knee twice a day. I can not figure out how to put the bandage on it so it will stay. Of course I understand that with each step he takes it loosens up and then falls down around his hoof where it does nothing except irritate him. I have to addmit he has been very good about the whole situation. I expected him to get upset and fight me each time I had to re-do the thing. He has fussed some but not near as bad as I expected.
I ordered a whole case of stick-to-its-self leg wraps that go on top of the the bandage this morning. I had no idea that first aide supplies were so expensive. Especially for horses. I went to the store yesterday thinking I could use people stuff for the horse and it is even more expensive!

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