Thursday, July 28, 2005

Visitors to the Crossing

I was surprised to see a goldfinch eating sunflower seeds this morning while I was watering my tomatos and trees. Can it be migatory season already? We never see these tiny golden finchs except for their breif appearence as they dart through on their migatory route either north or south. They are such a pleasure to watch. You can get within a few feet and as they are feeding on sunflower seeds, cosmas seeds, or wild grass seeds. I don't think I saw any going north this spring and this one seemed to be a bit early for southern trip.
I have seen several large jack rabbits that have taken up residence in the two acreas behind my place. There is nothing there except sage, tumbleweeds, and wild sunflowers. A perfect jack rabbit home.
Kacie, my gray and white cat was watching the rabbits from atop one of the corner fence posts. I told her not to try to take on one of those big rabbits, that they were bigger than she is. When they stand up on their long legs, these jack rabbits look to be as tall as my Border Collie, Tuffee. Tuffee, Cody, my German Shepherd, and Niki, my lab cross, always chase the rabbits that come in the yard, but the rabbits are faster than they are.

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  1. We have Goldfinches here in Georgia all year long. They are such a bit of sunshine in our feeders whether it be in the spring / summer with their beautiful gold feathers or in the winter with their more drab feathers!!