Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lightning Fires

Just so that no one worries I thought I should let you know that the report on Good Morning America was wrong. Don't know if the same report was put out on any other news shows or not. They said that there were fires in Albuquerque and homes had to be evacuated. Not so. We did have a fire on Kirtland Air Force Base and one in the Bosque near Bernallio (town) but no one had to leave homes. Golf course at Kirtland was all that was evacuated. Some people in Bernallio were ready to but never had to. Stupid news reporters never get anything right. We did have a heck of a sandstorm that day here in Albuquerqe and lots of lightning. Lightning causes those two fires plus one in a house in Albuq. and some small fires in National Forests. None of them were major. One at Kirtland was about 500 acrea in the flat land area on part of base that is never seen by non military and from the pictures on the news we saw there was nothing on it but tumbleweeds The one in Bernillio was in a Bosque area (wild native area) near river and about 200 acreas. The smoke from both was bad. We could smell it real heavy in the call center where I work as it came through air conditioning unit.We did get a lot of lighning again yesterday but no fires (unless there were some in forests that weren't mentioned) and we got some rain. Supposed to do it again today. I sure hope so as we really need the rain. Humity is high today but at least there isn't that big puff of dust with every step I take in the yard. Horses look a bit cleaner, too. Just wish the dogs didn't insist on rolling in either the dust or the mud. Everyone take care where ever you are.

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