Sunday, July 10, 2005

Animal Abuse

Go to This is the site for the American Horse Defence Fund. It tells of the horrible things done to horses at slaughter and of the Sweeny/Sprat Act to stop it. But it is not enough. We can't stop now. This is the start. No animal- horse, dog, cat, whale, or human deseres to be killed simply to fill the need of people who want to eat a so-called delicasy. Neither do any of these animals ever need to be abused in any way. Slaughtering horses is the worst. What will it be next? Slaughtering dogs and cats for the people in countries that eat them? Keep sending those letters to your senators. And don't forget about the need to stop the abuse of racehorses, showhorses (especially the paso finas, saddlebreds, and any others that are made to do gaits that are unnatural) grayhounds, dog fighting, and abuse of children. If a person will do one they will do the rest. And get the cattle off of our public lands. That will not only save the wild horses, but deer, elk, songbirds, fish, eagles, hawks, buffalo, all wildlife, and our natural grasses, wildflowers, and soil.
I have 4 horses. They looked so terrible when I got them. They came from different places. One is a wild horse, two are QH's, and one is Morgan. Now they are good riding horses. I have three dogs that where thrown out as puppys. Now they are good pets in all ways. I have 5 cats -same thing. They were thrown out as kittens. They are great company for me. We all need to educate the public on the love and uses of pets.
Don't let America become a nation of intentional cruelty to animals and people.

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