Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Did you ever notice that if you buy a pair of socks and really like them that sure as shottin' one, and I say again, just one (1) of them is bound to disappear. And believe me you will never find it again. It doesn't matter how hard you look for it. I have come to think that there must be little, bitty, tiny gremlins, or elves, or space aliens that live in my house and they have a great fondness for just one brand, new sock. I have yet to figure out what they find so great about one sock or where they take it to.
And if that isn't bad enough; if you have a pair of sock you don't really care for they will hang around for a life time. Oh, those awfully socks may straight all out of shape, fade into really weird colors, and srink to a smaller size, but you'll always be able to find them when you can't find any other socks in your sock drawer. And you will be forced to wear them.

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