Friday, May 20, 2011

This is a very long, skinny photo that was taken of the 131st Machine Gun Company in Sarthe, France in 1919 during World War 1. My grandpa, John Riley Barnett is in this group in the 3rd photo in center of the photo. I took a photo of the entire picture and then took it in sections so there were closeups of each area. the 2nd photo is of the far right hand side which looks like a store with French people outside watching the army picture taking. 4th photo is of the church behind the men St Aubin des

Coudrais. I am glad the photographer added this information to the picture. Last photo is of the left side, again what looks like a shop with French people in front of it. There was a torn corner on left side.
I found a photo taken in 2007 of the church at this site my thanks to the photographer.

My other granddad, Boyd Green was also in France during WW1, but the two men never knew each other that we know about.

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