Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jemez Springs, New Mexico

I took some photos of the village of Jemez Springs the other day. I keep meaning to stop and take a group of photos of this quaint little town. It is something I'll have to come by my self to do as hubby doesn't seem interested. The one photo here is of the steeple of the Catholic church that is in use there now. Jemez Springs Momument is located in the town and the ruins of the old mission chuch from about 300 years ago are still there. I need to visit there again and take some photos of it, too. I have photos from when I used a 35 mm camera but no digital photos. The other photo in this posting is of the main business section of town. The saloon is on one side, a gift shop on the other side from it. The Bath House which is a true hot springs is also to the left side but hid from view. The police station is just down the street in the photo.

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