Thursday, May 05, 2011

Another Freeze

So on May Day, May 1, we had another hard freeze. What is with the weather. My grapevines, Virginia creeper vine, cottonwood trees, catalpa tree, redbud trees had all their leaves freeze so that now they will have to put on new ones, and no telling how long that will take. It didn't seem to effect my fruit trees which were leafed out more. The roses had some frozen leaves and so that are OK.
But I do remember a time back in the mid 1980's when we had snow on Mother's Day. My roses were in full bloom with snow on them. The snow was gone by the end of the day and it didn't seem to bother them or any trees. I got some good photos with my old 35 mm, but don't know where they are now.
Guess this freeze was harder.

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