Saturday, July 26, 2008


My zucchini crop looks to be good this year. I have had a few squarsh bugs but not to many and the couple of heavy rains we have had seem to have washed the few we had away out behind the garden into the open space of desert behind us. I have already pigged out on several plate fulls of fried zucchini which I really love. Now I am looking at making zucchini bread and a cassarole or two.
The tomatos are just starting to turn pink, so should be ripe in a week or so. Now I won't have to worry about buying or not buying tomatoes from the store.
I have 2 pumpkins coming on and 1 watermelon.
do hope the garden does a bit better than that but it is a small garden. I have found that usually I have one type of veggie or fruit that does better than all the others each year. One year was cherries, one year it was plums, one year or maybe a few more than one, we had tons of tomatoes. so it looks as if it will be zucchini this year.

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  1. Hey Sage:
    I enjoyed your visit and comment, I considered picking the pears but changed my mind becouse it would call for a lot of them to be picked to do any good.
    It sounds like your garden is doing OK. You probably already know it, but the other day I was talking to my sister about burning trash and she told me to keep the ashes and till them into my garden soil. I asked her why and she told me that it would keep the cut worms and all kind of bugs out. She keeps up-to-date on all that stuff.
    I hope everything you've planted flourishes... JD