Monday, July 21, 2008

Heat Safety

It's July 21, 2002 and it's HOT. And where I live it is very humid. We are not used to humidity. It feels as if I am going to pass out when I try to do any work outside during the day. I would like to remind everyone that hot weather can be very dangerous. Especially when it is different from what you are used to. Take a moment to remember this when you are planning those outings or even around your own home. Remember to drink plenty of water and make sure that your children and pets have lots and lots of fresh water available at all times. The last thing we want is a doctor or vet visit because we didn't offer them enough water or make sure that the toys, sand, sidewalk, playground equipement or what ever isn't to hot for children or pets. You may have shoes but your dog doesn't. they can burn their paws so easy, as can your kids if they take their shoes off.
And never, never, never leave anyone - child, adult, dog, cat, or other pet, even a reptile in a car for even a few minutes. Cars heat up so very fast, and death can come very quickly inside. Can you think of the horror of coming back to find a baby or dog dead because it was left in the car. It happens more than we want to think about.
And that pony or horse. He/she is fun to ride but try to do it in the early morning or evening. The humidity seems to bothering my horses as much as it does me. they arn't used to it any more than I am. Again they need lots of fresh water. sometimes I feel that all I do is clean and fill water buckets for the horses, dogs, cats, and the wild birds that have come to depend on me for their water.
If you start watering wild birds you need to keep at it as they can easily die with out it when they are used to you putting it out. they may not have any other sourse of water.
Of course this is just my personal opinions and hope I haven't offended anyone but I see adults that don't seem to have enough sence to hydrate themselves let alone their children or pets. Please keep in mind that water is the essence of life.

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