Friday, July 18, 2008


Finally, some rain. We had about an inch last Saturday night late with a scarey thunder and lighting storm.The flashes of lighting were so bright they were blinding and the thunder was super load. And of course I got caught out in it and soaked. It was just spitting a little bit and I went to move horses around so everyone did have a shelter, Just in case it really did decide to rain. While moving the it surprised me and came very suddenly. the time I was able to move one horse and give up on moving another, I was wet through and through. I decided I was an idiot to be out moving horse in an electrical storm and took shelter in the hay shed with my husband. It slacked for a minute so we dashed for the house, and it came down harder than ever. But with in a half an hour it was all over with.
Since then we have had about another half inch in several days of lighter showers. Again with lots of thunder which is driving the dogs nuts. I can not figure out how my dogs got so afraid of thunder, fireworks, backfiring cars and other load noises like that. Nor can I figure out how to get them not to be afraid anymore. I try to ignore them when they try to crawl under my chair or desk as being nice to them and loving on them seems to make them worse. When it gets really bad I do have tranquilers to give them. I also have learned that keeping a bit of noise going in the house like the TV or music, or the dishwasher helps.
My son who lives about 200 miles south of us said he thought they had about 4 inches of rain in a couple of hours. He was in water almost to his knees in places while he was taking care of his horses. At a nother town in New Mexico there was 7 inches of rain reported in one day. And several other places have had an inch or more. We really need all that moisture so we can't complain.

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