Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fly Predators

Fly predators are very, very small flying insects that lay their eggs in the pupa of a fly. the pupa of the fly is like a caccoon that the fly, as we know it, will hatch from. The only job of the fly predator is to kill flies. What a wonderful little bug! I had heard of them a long time ago, but like most people was reluctant to order any. But this year with all the rain causing a huge increase in flies I am trying them. I have released my first batch of predators. Of course it will take a couple of weeks before they really get with it and start attaching the hords of flies we have that are torchering me and my horses. I will get another batch soon, and about once a month for a couple of months. I will let you know if they really start doing the job of keeping the fly population down. In the mean time I am using those stinky, smelly fly traps that you can buy at feedstores and walmart. Fly traps work but boy do they smell bad.
I wish I had ordered the fly predators in the spring when I first considered it. Then maybe I wouldn't have the problem I have now. Spalding has been selling fly predators for about 30 years and a lot of people swear by them. I know that ladybugs work on aphads that eat roses and other plants and that most plant nurseries now sell different types of parasite-type insects that eat bad insects. Sometimes they are called hymenotodes or hmenoteran insects. They are the most beneficial insects in the world. Sometimes they are called parasitic wasps but they are not at all like what we consider to be a wasp. They are so tiny you usually won't even see they and they do not sting or bite. When I first saw them in the special bag they come in I was really amazed at how realy tiny they are.
Also if you continue to import in these great little bugs you will increase the number that are breeding in your area and hopefully they will start doing a better and better job.
Fly predators don't just help keep down the flies where people have horses. They can help with other livestock like cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and even with dogs and cats. But of course you need to help, too. It is still necessary for you do clean up after your pets as much as possible and incourage your neighbors to do the same thing. If you clean and use the predators and your neighbor doesn't they might not be able to keep the flies down.
Yes I am pushing the use of these insects even before I have really tried them. I feel that it is really important for everyone to stop useing so many pesticides and insecticides so we can do more to clean up our enviroment.

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