Saturday, November 03, 2007


After I had my surgery last summer I never got back in the 'groove' of riding much. This week I decided I had too. That has always been my life's goal. To have and ride horses. So three times I saddled up BlackJack and we rode around the turnout pens and the round pen. Jack has always disliked being riden in arena type settings. He preferrs going out on the trails. But it had been a long while since we had done that. The first time I tried riding out onto our road he acted as if he had never done it, and it took a bit of persuation to get him to even set foot onto the road. Mind you it is the same kind of dirt that our drive way is made up of. So we spent that day riding the dive, and just going a few yards down the road. The next day he did a lot better when I took him out the back side of our property and down the ATV wide path that we keep cut there that is about 300 yards long, and connects with the next road over behind us. He seemed to think that was great. Next time out we will go on over to the arroyo and ride it if he is still doing OK with leaving our property.
The worst problem is that just this week some big rigs started hauling dirt from one construction site to another and go by our house about once each half hour. So far they don't go fast but I really don't want to be riding out there when they go by. Not sure how Jack would react on such a narrow road to such a big truck. He ignores when when he is in his home space on our property.

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