Sunday, September 17, 2006

cool & windy

We went to bed last night to a bit of wind. Don't like that but it does help keep the flies off the horses. Was cooler last night than it has been being. And a lot cooler today. Feels much better. I was able to clean the horse pens with out thinking I was going to have a heat stroke. And the horses were feeling frisky. Running and playing, instead of standing like the heat was to much for them, too.
Had a small covvy of quail in the yard. Hadn't seen any for several weeks. It was a pair and 4 youngster. Good to see them and know that a few babies might survive the heat, coyotes, hawks, roadrunners and cars. They were eating a lot of seeds on some native grass that had sprouted and matured with all the rain.
Got out the ATV and used the blade on the front of it to scrap a path around the horse fields to get rid of about a 4 foot path of tumbleweeds. The horses think they are better than candy, and will lean on the fence trying to get to them. The fence will only last so long with 4 1000 pound critters pushing on it. If we have a path so tumbleweeds arn't right against the fence they don't push on it so much. Of course we had to throw the ones we pulled out to the horses. I couldn't stand there begging. Worse than a dog under the table.

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