Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Word of Advice

A word of advice to all pet owners. For those of you planning to cook that big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other day, or even if you are going to buy it and bring it home to eat it. It smells and tastes as good to your dog, cat, ferret, pet bird, mouse, rat, or what ever kind of pet you have that might like a treat of all that turkey, salad, cranberry, ect. So My suggestion is that you make sure that your pet has a very filling breakfast on the day that you are doing all that cooking and eating. Maybe even give your friend a bit of canned food, or extra of some sort that it really relishes. Once in a while it can't hurt and if your pet friend is all ready filled up on food it won't beg, and get under feet as you fix all the party goodies for yourself, family and others.
Remember that we are thankfull for our pet friends as well as our human friends.

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