Sunday, November 06, 2005


Yes, as you can see I have an obession for watching the bull riding.
I used to think it was so dumb for anyone that got so involved in watching any kind of sports - like football, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, skiing, car racing, even horse racing. But then a few years ago I found myself watching the bull riding. Now I am really hooked on it. To the point of obession. How did it happen? I have no idea. Or maybe I do when I really think about it.
My parents took me to see rodeos when I was a kid. I even remember seeing the late and very famous rodeo rider Larry Mayhan once. Of course I have always been interested in anything that is concerned with horses, and of course their wouldn't be a rodeo without horses. Naturally the only event in a rodeo that doesn't have anything to do with horses is bull riding. But then there is always a rider on a horse in the arena during the bull riding that is there to rope the bull and get it out of the arena if things get to out of hand.
My wish is that there would be more of the other rodeo events televised. Things like bronc riding, saddleback riding, calf roping, steer wrestling, team roping, pole bending, and my favorite barrel racing.

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  1. There is one thing about obession that eludes me. Is it not connected to a lack that we cannot just put into words.