Sunday, November 06, 2005

Final Bull Riding Event

Congratulations to Justin McBride for winning the PBR World championship. And a congratulations to any and every bull rider who competed this year. And some who didn't due to their injuries.
This year saw the retirement of two well known bull riders. Owen Washburn, of Lordsburg, NM, and won the 1996 PBR World championship. (If you ever find yourself in southwestern New Mexico you might just find yourself going through Lordsburg, but if you blink twice you'll miss it.). Also retiring is Troy Dunn, off Queensland, Australia, who was the PBR World champion of 1998.
But more importantly was the retirement of two of the best and finest of those all-important bulls - Little Yellow Jacket and Blueberry Wine. Both of these wonderful bulls are 9 years old this year and their owners decided 5 years on the circuit was long enough.
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