Friday, November 04, 2005


CATS why do we have them?
I took the time to bring in all my houseplants so they don't freeze. Watered them well, trimmed and pruned and even transplanted a couple. I found homes for them in windows, and on shelves where they should get enough light to survive the winter. So one of the cats, not sure which one, got up on a shelf where they never go and knocked off one of the replanted ones.
Well you know the rest. Dirt and leaves everywhere on the carpet, in some boxes (this was in the spare bedroom which is full of boxes of stuff I don't know what to do with). The plant, an aloe vera was in bad shape, missing and broken leaves. And the pot had landed in another plant that was to big to sit anywhere but on the floor, so there were leaves from my bogenvia all over.
Hope which ever one of the cats it was that made this mess got stuck on the thorns of the bogenvia.


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  2. That's a great story! I have been there and at least we can laugh a little about it now. My plant survived, but boy did I have to baby it!