Sunday, October 23, 2016

On The Road

This is some of what I saw when I went to visit my sister, Sarah, about 2 weeks ago. There were blue skies with big white, fluffy clouds, and I thought for sure I would get a rain shower but it stayed to the west of me. I stopped in the little town of Quemado, NM and noticed that an old building that had been empty the last time I was through now had a business in it so I stopped as I needed a break anyway. The business was called the Tumbleweed Trading Post, which was interesting since I call this blog The Tumbleweed Crossing. I visited with the owner for a few minutes and bought the pottery bear in the last photo. It was made by a Navajo Indian artist. I was told she made it like she makes Indian pots but in a bear shape and it comes out of the firing a black on white. She then hand carves the design on the bear with a small knife. She must have a lot more patience that I do.

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