Sunday, October 30, 2016

Old Grapevine Chain

A couple of days ago on a post about the Gila National Forest I mentioned that I had a photo of my husband back in September of 1971.  In the photo he is sitting on an anchor chain off of an old Navy ship. the chain was around a huge, very old grapevine. the oldest and largest grapevine any one knew of. A year later there was a heck of a flood that took out the grapevine and the chain which I don't think were ever found. It is possible one of the hunting outfits that pack hunters into the wilderness on horseback may have found the chain and never let anyone know they had found it. That grapevine and chain were right on the edge of the Gila River right were we would start wading in the river when we would go hiking into the Gila Wilderness. The campground there is still called Grapevine Campground. The main paved road has a bridge across the Gila River almost over the campground.

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