Monday, October 24, 2016

Fort Bayard, New Mexico

Fort Bayard, New Mexico is the remains of an old military fort that was used for a long time, and for many different things. It was used by the Buffalo Solders (the first group of black solders back in the late 1800's) and as an interment camp for the Japanese in this area during WW1. When my grandparents moved here in the 1930's it was used as a military hospital for veterans with the buildings being used by the workers. My granddad spent a lot of time here after WW1 where he was 'gassed' in France. My mom and her sisters played here. I guess all of the buildings are abandoned now. It is such a shame. It looks like they could be used as housing for someone even if they aren't up to all the fancy codes and don't have electric or plumbing in all of them.

 What a nice old fire truck and the date on it is 1912 which is when New Mexico became a state. I don't know if it runs or not but someone should fix it up if it doesn't. The tires looked good so maybe it does run and is used in parades or such.

 Entrance to Fort Bayard National Cemetery. (orange things we think are to keep people off of what was the water metors that we don't think are being used any more.)

My dad and moms grave stone. His name is on one side, hers on the other. They burry couples on top of each other with one stone to save space.

My sister, Sarah.


Hills seen behind the cemetery. As cemeteries go it is a nice one as it isn't in a big busy town. Deer, elk and other birds and critters come through here all the time. I believe it might be forest service land or Land Management by the government of some sort around Fort Bayard and hopefully will never be developed.

 When going out the exit gate there is a great view of the Kneeling Nun at the copper mine. And not any of the mine that can be seen from here. What a wonderful view for a cemetery. My mom would be pleased as she always liked the kneeling nun.

 Near Fort Bayard was another veterans memorial. This one for was special for the Bataan Death March. I didn't realize so many men from New Mexico were in that. Sadly there was vandal damage to several places in the memorial. I can't understand why people have to do damage to memorials for our war heros.

This old helicopter looks like it is tangled in a power like but it won't ever fly again as it is part of the memorial.

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  1. Beautiful scenery, looks like you had a wonderful time with your sister. Wish I could have come too! xxx