Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Seen on the Highway

Always one of my favorite rest areas just north of Socorro New Mexico. A walk up the board walk to the restrooms and a walk down. There used to be a sand dune all around the 2 rest areas on both sides of the highway but now the sand dunes have moved over the ridges to where they can't be seen from here. The next photo shows the highway going on in to Socorro.

 Near a small farming community near Socorro I saw this little herd of longhorn cattle. I have always liked these big critters with their long horns The history behind this breed is amazing. None of these three bulls did anything but chew there cuds. The cows and calves decided they didn't want their pics taken and walked into another field. There are several small farms that raise and sell these colorful bovines. They always bring back the memories I heard of how my great-granddad would drive cattle from his ranch near Colorado City, Texas to the railhead (not sure where it was) each year. Thanks to who ever these belong to for the pics.

 Rocky mountains that sits just outside of Socorro, NM

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