Saturday, May 14, 2016

More Petrified Forest

This is a piece of petrified log that was cut and polished in 1950 that was in the museum.

Dinosaur type critters thought to have lived about the same time the rocks were actually trees. Skeletons and fossils have been found in the Park.

 This petrified log is called Agate Bridge. There were old photos in some of the books that showed people on the bridge posing for pictures. In recent years the bridge has had to be re-enforced with concrete to make sure it didn't fall. No one is allowed on it now.
 These two peaks are called the Tee Pees. There are cones like this in several places in the Petrified Forest and The Painted Desert. It is thought that there might be tons and tons of petrified logs under these cones and other dirt areas. You can see where the Tee Pees are gradually wearing away from the wind and rain. It had actually rained a day or so before we visited the park and you could see a trickle of water around the base of the peaks.

At every place people could get out and hike or look at the Petrified Forest there were ravens begging for food. Big beautiful birds that we found out liked Cherieos. Don't know if we were supposed to feed the or not but everyone was. They nest along the cliffs. I don't remember seeing other birds except a hawk. We did see several lizards which are common here. The park is not good country to see lots of animals in. Too barren and not much to eat there.

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