Sunday, May 05, 2013

Trip Into the Desert

This is a tree, a juniper, that I like to take photos of because of the where branches have been broke of it and cows have rubbed for so many years they have polished the wood.

 Different views of the high mesa desert that I live on in New Mexico. This is a few miles from my home.

 Our truck where we stopped while going down one of the arroyos (a ditch made by nature) that are filled with sand. If you stop in the wrong place you will be there until you can find someone to pull you out. 4-wheel-drive is a must.
 Taken out the windshield as we make a quick drive to get out of the arroyo.

 Chola cactus with the Sandia Mountains behind it. The cactus should be starting to bloom about now but looks as if it is dieing from the drought.

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