Monday, May 27, 2013

Smokin' Truck

Recently our friends called when their old Ford pickup caught on fire at the local Walmart. It was quite and experience for them. Hubby went took our hay trailer down and hauled it back to the house.
They had called 911 to get the fire department to come put out the fire. But the pumper on the firetruck didn't want to work at first. Heck of a thing when a firetrucks pumper don't work. Last photo shows inside the cab of the truck where the whole dash was burnt to a crisp. Everything under the hood (bonnet - if your in England) was crispy critters, too. The fire was so hot it melted the windshield, and most of the wiring. Just glad they were in a parking lot when it happened instead of how the highway or a street where it could have been worse. And that they were able to get out of the truck with out getting hurt.
Later when the guys looked at it closer they thought that some of the wiring had caught fire right over the fuel hose and burned the hose into so that raw gas was pouring out really causing the truck to burn. I understand the flames where really high. The guys have been working to overhaul another Ford truck that our friend had picked up recently. After the one truck burned they found a rats nest of sticks and grass in the other truck. They wondered if it was possible that a rat had a nest in the truck that burned, also. Neither had been driven all winter so it is possible.
Eventually it will be dismembered and hauled to a metal recycle place.
So remember if you haven't driven your vehicle for a while check for rat's nests in them. You never know when your Ford truck will be Found in Road Dead like this one was. (Only it was a Walmart parking lot).

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  1. Sounds like quite an experience! Glad no one was hurt.

    Over the winter I don't use my little car on the icy snowy roads and it sits in the garage. Well, when I took it out recently I had no brakes. Seems the mice chewed through the lines. Nice. So I had it fixed.