Monday, October 01, 2012

Trading Places

 I try to trade pens with the ponies and my QH mare, Nita, frequently to help with the boredom for my equine friends. So Traveler and Stormy, the ponies went into Nita's pen and Nita went into the pony pen yesterday. We have a large pile of dirt in Nita's pen that we are gradually using to fill in low spots and places where the dirt is down to hardpan, that is like cement. The ponies were fasinated by that big pile of dirt.
    Nita first watched the neigbors dogs that she usually sees from farther away, and then she discovered that if she pushed on the fence enough she could just reach the big clump of purple asters that were growing outside the fence. So to save the fence hubby put her into the smaller pen that has the pony shelters in it. It was still someplace different for her to be while ponies played in her pen.

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  1. I think that's a good idea! I need to rotate Gigondas into the mustangs' corral and move them to one of the several empty ones, just for a change of pace and to add something new for her.