Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Load of Hay

We went and got a load of hay for the horses the other day. When we got back from the farm where the hay is raised we decided that the cottonwood tree that is always in the way had to go.

 The tree was accidentally planted so that it makes it difficult to back up to the shed to unload. The tree has not been doing well for the past two years and we had kept threatening to cut it down. The time had come for the tree to go. But instead of cutting it down with a saw we decided to pull it down with the truck and trailer. Here are photos of the pitiful little tree coming down and being drug away. As you can see it didn't have much of a root ball. There are places in our yard where there is calichi clay under the ground which will not let anything grow. I think this tree was on some of the clay.

last photos are of the hay being unloaded and Tuffee being a hay dog.

1 comment:

  1. Poor little tree. Caliche is so for trees to thrive. They end up becoming root bound :(
    Tuffee is a cutie!

    And that hay is beautiful! Is it grass hay? May I ask where you purchased it? I am needing to get another load of grass hay for my animals soon.