Saturday, September 01, 2012

Long Weeks

It's been a long 10 days since my son left to go back to Los Cruces, NM. I haven't even been able to appreciate all the work he did here yet.
      First it was off to have an ultra sound on my feet. That sounds strange, huh. I had been to doctor to see why my feet hurt all the time and it felt like a stress break or something in my left ankle. She gave me a brace to wear on my left ankle to support it. Not fun having to wear it but feels better with it. Having a man move my feet and toes while pushing on them with an ultra sound guide or what ever it is called while taking the images was a bit strange.
      Then it was a job with feet that hurt to clean house because my aunts were coming to visit for a couple of days. Elnora is 83 and Wanda is 81. They are my moms sisters and still doing well. They were here for about 2 days. They had left California and driven to Tucson, AZ to visit one aunts daughter, my cousin, and family. Then off to Los Cruces where they saw my sister, Sarah, and some friends. Then to Almagordo, NM to see more friends. Then to Albuquerque to see another friend and then to my house. When they left here they were going back to Tucson and on to their home in southern California. I hope I can do as much when I am their age.
     This week I have been off to the foot doc again who told me the ultra sound showed I that the tendon that runs down over the inside of my left ankle is shot. It is not any good at all any more and there is nothing will make it better. I will be wearing a brace on that ankle from now on. As for the nerve damage just behind my toes in the ball of my foot she said the best thing to try was a series of shots to deaden the nerves to stop the pain. She said they would bruise my feet and maybe make them hurt worse for a week or so. I am glad to say the bruising wasn't as bad as some cortisone shots I had a few years ago that didn't stop any of the pain. And I am glad that there has been a little less pain than normal so I am hoping the shots will help. I will have a series of about 5 of them, once a week. In the mean time I will be getting a brace made for my ankle.
     This is not what I had planned for my retirement years.
     I have also gone to get my drivers license since it has been four years since I have done it. It didn't seem that long. Usually it is a long time of sitting and waiting as they never have enough people working their but I was lucky and it only took about an hour.
     Now I am cleaning house again as my nephew, and his wife and two sons are coming to visit next weekend.
     Plus I have been canning apples, peaches, applesauce, and making apple jelly. But that is another story to be posted later.

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