Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cats in a Box

Last week we bought a new vacuum cleaner and the cats have had fun with the box. First Cassie crawled in the box and peaked out to see if anyone was watching her.

Then Murphy came and peaked in at her to see what she was doing.

Then Twinky came to see if Cassie was all right in that big box.

Twinky tried to get Cassie out like Murphy had done.(Murphy is solid black, and Twinky is black with white feet. Cassie is gray with white feet.)

Twinky got Cassie to come out so Cassie told Twinky to get in.

Twinky crawled in and peaked out to see if the other cats were watching her.

Cassie was watching and she thought Oh, good, I got Twinky now. and she stood on top of the box so Twinky couldn't get out.

And Wiley just laid near by and watched all the younger cats and the oldest one, (Murphy) playing with the box. Wiley decided he was to good to be playing with a box.

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  1. haha! brilliant! ours are the same. not sure if you will be able to follow the link but this is a collage of mine that i posted after i had bought some shoes and they arrived in a nice cat friendly box :)