Sunday, July 08, 2012

All That Dirt

I had to buy another vacuum cleaner the other day. Got a Hoover this time. There is no way a Bissell (I have had several as well as some other brands) can stand up to all the dirt and sand we have since we live on a sand dune in the desert. I have even called the Bissell company and they say it is something I am doing wrong. But I know they just don't make their machines strong enough for working in the desert. Albuquerque, New Mexico isn't the only town that is in the desert. What about Arizona, Utah, California and Texas as well as parts of Colorado, Oregon, and other states that have ocean beaches. I am sure they do fine in areas where there is no sand or dirt  - pent house apartments in big cities, maybe.
I'm not sure the Hoover will do any better, but I can hope. At least it seems to have more power at this time. The last Bissell did as the others did. It was fine at first and then after about a year the motor sounds as if it will blow up at any second and the next time it didn't make any noise at all. Neither did it do anything else. Poor thing just gave up and died.
   To many companies seem to think that all customers are made of money and so they make throw-away products that work for about a year and then die. Cell  phones, computers, and televisions, coffee pots, and can openers  some of the other products that I have had to replace frequently. I know I'm not near as rough on things as a lot of people are.

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  1. Oops! I just got a Bissell from our son...And, yes, I agree we live in a "throw away" society where things just don't last!!!