Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unwanted Pets

Again, I had to call animal control and have them come get a dog that had been discarded on my street. We see way to much of this. We never know if the dog just wondonered off from it's home (I had never seen this one) or if someone thought they could throw the dog out here and 'someone will take her in'. It doesn't happen. We already have as many pets as we can take care of. So do all the people who live here. We love dogs, cats, horses and all animals but, as are all people that love animals, we are limited on how many we can finanally care for. And it seems all of us are at our limit. As the animal control officer told us if you can't care for a pet any more bring it to the shelter. Yes, it might have to be put down. But isn't that better than starving to death out on the streets. At this time of the year with all the extream heat a dog will die from lack of water faster than it will from lack of food. Is this the end you want for your animal?
    Or do you just not give a damn what happens to it? I think this is the case most of the time. So why do you take in the animal to start with if you don't want to feed it, and get it proper vet care - shots, and spay or nuter.
    This dog wasn't more than a year old. She was a pit bull mix but nice looking. At first she seemed vicious, but when I put my dogs back in the house she calmed down and was friendly to us. First she wanted water. She could smell it in the horse buckets. We let her have a good drink while I called animal contol. He responded quickly and the officer was really nice. He said the dog would be taken to a 'no kill' shelter since she was friendly. I do hope that someone adopts her. She needs a good home. I would have adopted a dog like her if I didn't already have so many pets.
     Good Luck to you little dog.

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