Monday, June 18, 2012

I Been Bugged

The other night I went to bed and midnight it felt like there were tiny bugs crawling on me. After a tickle in my ear and it feeling like there was something between my fingers I turned on the light and there was a tiny black speck on my finger. I turned on the other lights and found there were gnats in my bed. YUCK!
     Well it could have been worse. It could have been spiders, ants, cockroaches, ticks, centipedes, scorpions, or bedbugs. Gnats I could handle but didn't want them in my bed. It seemed as if many a gnat had managed to get into my bed and laid eggs that were now hatching. So I stripped my bed and started washing all the bedding. I sprayed Lysol on my waterbed mattrice since that was all I had and Lysol does work sort of for things like gnats.
    Off I went to sleep in the spare bedroom.
    The next day I was able to track down the gnats and found the eggs must have been in the corner of bedroom under the window and close to the head of my bed. We took up a corner of the carpet and found all kinds of bugs besides the gnats there. So off I went to the store for bug spray. I don't usually use such stuff as I don't like using any kind of chemicals. But it was a have to case. I sprayed the corner under the rug and was able to spray under the baseboard.
     The gnats were going to the light from the window now that it was day time so down came the curtains which needed to be washed anyway, even though they were open enough the bugs could get to the window glass which is were they were staying. They wanted outside where they belonged.
       Since I was washing bedding and curtains, I did the dog and cat bed that were in my bedroom and vacuumed the carpet lots of times. The vacuum was great for sucking up all those tiny gnats fluttering against the window glass.
    Finally it seems that most of the gnats are gone but each morning there are still one or two in the window. At least my room is really clean now. But please no more bugs.

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  1. Eeek! Now I feel all itchy!

    lol! I'm glad you're bug free now!