Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Our thoughts and good wishes go out to all of the people that have lost their homes anywhere there was a fire. Fires here in New Mexico have been at their worst this year. Last year there was a fire in the state that was at that time the largest in NM history. But the Whitewater/Baldy fire in the Gila National Forest has outdone that one and now it is the largest fire in NM history. We also have a fire near Ruidoso, NM that has burned a lot of homes. My nephew's wife has had part of her family loose their homes to this fire. There is a fire in Colorado that has taken a lot of homes and both fires are threatening to burn more homes.
         We are thanking all of the firefighters everywhere for their efforts at fighting these fires and the forest and brush fires everywhere. May they have more success in the coming days at fighting the ones that are burning now. And may we have some rain to end this horrible drought that is causing so many fires. The ones in NM were caused by lightning strikes when there was no rain to put them out.

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  1. Scary that fire season has started so early here in NM. :(