Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joy in Nature

"Thank you for the lovely photos of flowers and nature. It makes a great start to my day."

this is the comment left on my post about Wild Flowers in the Mountains. It made my day. Now I know I have helped at least one person have a few moments of joy in nature. I hope it helped calm, relax, or give peace to who ever it was, since they didn't leave a name. It was the best post I think I have ever had.

Yesterday on the news I saw a report about how calming and relaxing it is for people to get out and just walk or sit in a park with lots of trees, flowers, and nature around them. It helps a lot of people get on with their day. Some said they couldn't get out so looked on the internet for nature photos to give them the same feelings. I know I get these relaxing feelings by being in nature and seeing photos of nature.

It is good to know that maybe I am helping people by taking the time to put all the photos I take on my blog so that some people can see them and have a little joy in them as I did in taking them.

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