Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking for Spring

A few geranium blossoms are blooming but that is all so far. All the trees are thinking about blooming and leafing out but nothing yet. Lilacs have a few green spots that I think are the beginnings of leaves. And I found a couple of tumbleweeds that had sprouted where they weren't wanted. Of course tumbleweeds are never wanted.
I have fixed three pots with tomato seeds and four pots with a few flower seeds but nothing has come up yet.
We are getting warmer, almost to warm. No more freezing at night. And thinking about getting my shorts out for wearing in the afternoons when working outside. It hasn't reached 70 degrees here yet but that is to warm for me. Oh, how I dread those 90 to 100 degree days that I know are coming this summer.
Trying to get a lot of yard cleaning done before those hot days get here. It always amazes me how much clutter there is after a long winter.

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