Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Cleaning

The weather was warmer today. Up to about 50 degrees but still a bit of a wind chill with the brisk breeze we had. But water buckets had to be cleaned as they were getting dark with the alge that grows on the sides of them even in the winter. Of course Hubby always wants to say something to me when I have my head in a 25 gallon water bucket scrubing on it. (empty of water, of course) And all the horses and ponies like to sneak up on me and push on me looking for treats in my pockets making me think they are going to push me over into the bucket. I knew when Stormy and Trave came up to me today. But when I went on to Stars pen and bucket she really sneaked up on me. It makes me think of all those funny little clips in all the movies where someone is butted by a goat or donkey and pushed into some sort of big bucket or mud puddle. I'm sure one of these days one of them will succeed in making me fall in, not that I would really fit it the bucket. I call it a bucket but we buy 50 gallon plastic barrels that have had soap in them, cut them in half and use for water buckets for the horses. Low cost and easy to use and clean.

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