Saturday, January 29, 2011

More on Manure

I have spent the last few days really cleaning the horse pens. They needed it. We had kind of been slacking off on keeping the manure cleaned up and thats not good. The ad on Craig's List had allowed us to get a lot of it out and hopefully will be helping all those gardeners out there have good gardens this year.
And when I get through I spend a bit of time relaxing from all that excersise by watching some of the old Western TV shows and movies which had made me do some thinking.
What about all that manure all those horses and cows genereated on all those shows and movies.
Did you ever realize that althrough the Western was one of the most popular genre of shows and movies you never, but never, ever see even one pile of manure.
And I have never seen any credits for the crews of 'manure removers' that must have been needed for all those Westerns.

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