Thursday, January 27, 2011

Antiques and Junk

My mother was a collector as was her mom and so am I to a degree. Mother was even sort of a hoarder but we were able to keep a handle on it (sort of). When mother dies in 2003 my sisters and I had to go through all the stuff she had collected over her life and sort it, throw it, and devide it between us. In that same year I moved to the home we have now at the Tumbleweed Crossing. Most of her stuff and the stuff I had collected have been packed in boxes all those years. Recently I started going through all those boxes and sorting things some more. Since the dirt that we live with here is determined to work it's way into all those cardboard boxes I am repacking things and putting them in the large 10 and 15 gallon plastic containers with the lids that seal well enough to keep most of the dirt out. Here are a few of the things I found in the first couple of boxes I opened. I am trying to take a photo of everything, and make a list and put in the top of the new packed boxes as to what is in the box.

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