Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carpet Cleaning Hints

It's holiday time and if you are like me you are like me you are cleaning house so that you are not embarrassed when company comes calling. One of my biggest cleaning projects is shampooing the carpet as it is so dirty and stained. I moved the furniture with hubby's help, then vacuumed twice. Then shampooed with a good quality carpet shampoo. But don't stop there. Now you need to rinse the carpet. Yes, you read right. RINSE and if needed rinse again. I have heard of many people that don't rinse the carpet.
If you wash your dishes, clothes, hair, body - don't you rinse the soap off afterward. Of course you do. So why not rinse that extra harsh shampoo out of your carpet.
I have known of several people who tell of pets or babies who develop a rash and allergies when they don't rinse the shampoo from the carpet. Cats or dogs will lay on unrinsed carpet and first thing you know their fur will start falling out. Babies or children, even adults who lay on unrinsed carpets will get a rash and itch like heck. It can be a quick death to a pet parakeet.
So please RINSE that carpet to avoid these problems.

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