Thursday, September 25, 2008


We grow watermelons this year. More than we have ever grown before. Last year we tried but they were still green when we had an early freeze and never finished ripening. This year we have had all the watermelon we could eat - and the neighbors, too. And it sure has been good. They have tasted a lot better than the ones we buy from the store. A lot more taste or flavor and oh, so, sweet. Of course that goes for the tomatoes and cucumbers, and squash we have grown, too. I joke with the neighbors saying it is because I fertilize them with horse poop.
And that brings up the thought of if horses like watermelon. I had always heard that they did. So I took some out to the horses. I was pretty sure none of them had ever had any before, and I must have been right. Each horse would smell it like it might taste good. Then he/she would reach out gingerly with their long lips and do a little nibble-nibble on the edge of the melon. You could see the wheels turning in their mind. It looked like they were thinking "Not to bad". So he/she would nibble a bit more - and it was at about this point that they would get a real taste of the melon. Then each and every one of my 5 horse would give me a disgusting look and spit at the melon with a "ppphhhewwww" sound. Which would make me laugh. The horse would look even more disgusted and turn and walk off. I got them impression that they thought I was making fun of them for not liking the watermelon. No I haven't offered them any more.
But they do beg for their other treats like horse cookies, carrots, apples, what few grass clippings we get from the scattered clumps of grass in the yard, and their favorites gingersnaps, animal crackers, and their very best favorite peppermint candies.

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  1. The three horses here love watermelon rind, and will fight over it. They crunch it down until it's totally gone.