Monday, December 26, 2005


I understand that today all of the stores are expecting an extream amount of people coming in to return unwanted gifts. What is this
Unwanted Gifts
I never received an unwanted gift. It didn't matter what it was. Or who gave it to me. I always apprecite the thought that someone liked me well enough to give me a gift. (Or at least I hoped that was the reason they gave me the gift.)
If I don't like you -- well you just won't get a gift from me.
Which brings us to the reason I don't give many gifts anymore. I don't know if anyone returned any of the gifts I have sent over the years, but they sure do seem to complain. One person always make a point of making some sort of degrading remark about what they get from me.
I try never to do that. If you make unkind remarks about what you are givin it means you didn't want anything to start with.
So I took all those cutting remarks to heart this year, and only gave gifts to my husband and my son. (Oh, and I did give a small gift to his girlfriend. Thankfully she liked it.) My husband and my son know how I feel and they feel the same way about giving gifts.

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