Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Lights

Saturday was warm enough that we did get out the outside Christmas lights and hung them. Some how it is never Christmas any more without putting up outside lights. The colors, sparkle, flash, flicker, blink, and twinkle of outside lights really goes a long way toward getting me in the spirit of the season. It has been really hard to get into the Christmas mood what with Skiggy being so sick. We ran lights around the eaves of the house and along one side of the horse pen. It looks very festive if I do say so myself.
I, also, found some old tinsel garland in with the lights and decided to wrap some around the mailbox and some around one of the light post in the yard. Some time this morning my obnoxious border collie, Tuffee decided it would be fun to pull it off of the post and play with it. I am sure she had a lot of fun doing it. I only wish I had seen her doing it and had a chance to take a photo of her running around with that long string of shiney garland trailing along behind her. Puppies will be puppies.

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