Thursday, September 29, 2005

BlackJack's Knee

Well, while I am feeling terrible my black horse decides to ram his knee between the gate to his pen and the big fence post that holds up the gate. He got his knee back out but it wasn't in the greatest shape. And I didn't like having to call the vet at 8:00 am when I decovered what he had done. I heard a noise when I was in the hay shed getting their morning hay, and it looked so fresh that I am sure that is when he did it. He has a ugly gash on the knee and scrapes on all four legs. Not sure how he did the other scrapes. Vet came, cleaned and bandaged the bad one. Wouldn't do stiches because it was in a joint. But did give him injection of antibiotics and several packages of more antibiotics to add to his grain over next week. We can only hope that he gets better with no complications.

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