Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Hip, hip, huray. Shout for joy, have a party, and be kind to everyone. It's the first day of autumn, or as some call it FALL. It is the best time of the year. The days will get shorter, which means not so much of that blazing hot sun. Cooler days are such a relief if you live in the desert. We can hope for a few days of rain, as well. We sure need it. The pumkins are turning yellow, and the gourds are putting on their mixed colors of yellow, orange, brown. I noticed this morning that the tree leaves are getting the first bit of color to their leaves. That is the only bad part of fall, the trees loosing all their leaves. The birds are beginning to migrate. There was a pair of gold finches eating seeds off the wild sunflowers. The dogs, cats, and horses, are shedding out their summer coats to put on the long warm coats of winter. Star pony is loosing her spots as she does each fall. She will be just a sorrel pony for the cold months, and next spring her appoloosa spots will come back. We are trying to get in a huge supply of hay for the ponies, and wood for the wood stove we use for heating in the winter.

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