Saturday, June 11, 2016

House Fire!

It was a horrible experience to watch our neighbors house burn to the ground the other day. But it was worse for then when they drove up and saw what had happened. Here are a few of the pics I took from our front door. The blue truck is in our driveway. The third pic makes it look as if the fire is right behind our pony shelter but there is a road between our place and theirs plus their house is or was a couple of hundred yards back from the road like ours is. Fourth pic makes it look like two house but it is the garage and rear of the house. Last I heard the fire investigators think it might have been a problem with the hot water heater as fire seemed to have started in the wall by the water heater. I know we kept having problems with our old propane hot water heater kept getting a build up of soot in it that we kept having to clean out. We got rid of that one and got an electric one when the price of propane kept getting higher and higher. So had several other people around here. This has been a good reminder to check out hot water heaters, air conditioners, clothes washers, and dryers , and any other appliances that need to be cleaned frequently. I have heard of a lot of house fires starting in air conditioners and clothes dryers. I have known of so many people, my self included at times, who don't clean out clothes dryer vents, backs of refrigerators, and cook stoves, and making sure the pump and motor of the sump cooler is working right. As the old saying 'Better Safe than Sorry' I think I am paranoid now about this kind of thing. 

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