Friday, April 29, 2016

Old Adobe Ruins

This is the ruins of a adobe/rock house that is very old, maybe over a hundred years old. It can be seen from the road going through San Diego Canyon on the way to Jemez Springs. When I first saw this old cabin in about 1978 there were still most of the walls an roof on it. Now, mostly due to being vandalized it is almost gone. I know that weather has taken its toll but I am sure the rafters were hauled off or firewood at some ones camp as there are campsites nearby. I can't figure why any one is lazy enough not to bring their wood from home and leave our historic sites alone. I barbed wire fence is around this site but I am sure there are people that hop that fence and take parts of the walls as souvenirs. Wouldn't it be better to just take a few photos and memories? If you are interested or have one of the books there is a photo of this home when it still had walls and a rood in a Lous L'Amour book entitled Frontier. The photo is on page 111 and was taken by the famous photographer David Muench. The book was first printed in 1984 but I can't say when the photo was taken.

 Above the ruins of the adobe home is a strange rock formation. These formations can be found all up and down San Diego Canyon and above Jemez Springs and the ancient mission ruins that are in the town. This photo is a close up of how the wind and rain had made the pillars in the rock. The next photo shows how close to the pillars the cabin actually was. How beautiful and wonderful it must have been to live in this canyon before there was a highway going through it. We can hope future generations will appreciate nature and land as a few have always done.

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