Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jemez Elk

We had almost given up seeing anything but birds and squirrels when we came around a corner and were surprised by a small herd of elk watering at a small manmade pond. 3 of them let me take their pics for a few seconds. The first photo is of the one that was the biggest. Don't know if these were cows or bulls as bulls have lost their antlers at this time of year. These did look to be very fat so were maybe pregent cows. But you don't normally see that much 'mane' on cows just the bulls. But they were very saggy as they are shedding their winter hair to get their nice slick summer hair. You can see a loose patch of hair on this ones flank that is just about ready to fall out. On the last photo you can see the white rump patch that elk us almost like the little white tail deer use when they thow up there white tail to warn the other deer of danger.

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