Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eclipse of the Moon

After a couple of weeks of windstorms and the worst one was last Sunday we have had a fairly nice couple of days. On Monday night I stayed up very late and watched the eclipse of the moon. I had seen them before and went to bed but then I decided to get up and watch it, so I did. It started about 11:30 pm here and the moon was totally dark at 1:30 am. And yes I could see the red glow over the moon that made it a blood moon but that color did not come out in my photos. I am pleased with my little Cannon camera for taking the photos it did of the moon so far away. Especially as I was standing there shaking in the cool air and didn't use a tripod. But at this point I was to tired and cold to stay up any longer so the photos are of the first half of the eclipse only.

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