Saturday, August 03, 2013

Longmire Cabin

These photos are of the cabin used in the TV show Longmire that is one of my new favorite shows. The cabin was in the same area as the other old buildings on the Valles Caldera.  Longmire is sort of a modern western. This cabin is Sheriff Walt Longmire's on the show. It has been seen on the show many times and I was sure it was on the Caldera from what I had seen. Of course I had heard it was filmed in New Mexico even though the story is set in Wyoming. I have a hard time remembering it is supposed to be Wyoming when watching it as I see places in New Mexico I have been to. They have had some trouble filming this summer due to the fire and had to change some of the filming locations because of it. A lot is filmed in the Jemez Mountains and some in Los Vegas, New Mexico. I understand it will start being shown in Canada and England as well as in the US. Oddly the main star is an Australian actor named Robert Taylor, who is a good actor. Lou Diamond Phillips is also on the show.
Of course I almost missed these photos as my camera decided it needed fresh batteries right then.


  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2014

    Very cool--do you know of any other filming locations in New Mexico?

    Hope you're enjoying season 3 of Longmire!

    1. There are some other filming locations in and around Galisteo NM.

  2. so glad to see so many people looking at my photos of the Longmire cabin. Thanks for the comments. Yes, I am enjoying season 3, but it is too short. Need more per season, I think. There are several filming locations in NM. I know there are some near Las Vegas, NM just northeast of Santa Fe but I haven't been to them. I do think that most of the mountains scenes are filmed in or near the Valles Caldera where the cabin is in the Jemez Mountains in the Santa Fe National Forest. The cabin is about an hour and a half from Albuquerque, NM.

  3. I want to visit the cabin when we go to NM in June
    I hope we can get to it

  4. really glad to see so many people looking at my photos. Thanks

  5. is the scenery in front of the cabin the same as in the series? where exactly is it located?