Saturday, August 03, 2013

Birthday Trip

We decided to take a drive up to our favorite place yesterday, the Jemez Mountains. It was to be part of my birthday present. We stopped at several places we frequently stop at. It had rained the day before and everything seemed fresh and clean with the smell of pine, juniper, and wet dirt.

We stopped at the Forest Service Office where this huge cottonwood tree is, and bought our yearly permit to cut firewood.

We were interested in seeing the area where the fire had gone through in June on Thompson Ridge where we had heard it had jumped the paved road that goes between Jemez Springs and Los Alamos, New Mexico. We saw these gates and signs at most of the places where you can get off the road. One sign said Closed to Public Use with a sign beside of it that read Please Close the Gate. I know the yellow sign had been there before but it looked funny.

We could see where the fire had burned most of the trees on the hilltops but left a lot of the small grassy areas. This pretty little ranch was lucky, as it came almost to their door.

You can see the burnt trees on this ridge.

 But we did see lots more wildflowers than we expected.

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  1. Very pretty!~ This area reminds me of Alpine, near the Arizona/New Mexico border. They, too, had a huge fire roar through that area several years ago...